An ode to plant-based desserts - where to find the tastiest ones?


Sweets flaunting in the windows of restaurants and cafes capture the hearts of many - and not without reason. Desserts have become a part of fun gatherings of family and friends or quiet time with yourself and relaxation, and plant-based delicacies have gained immense popularity in recent years. More and more people are changing their eating habits and looking for alternatives to conventional desserts. Plant-based sweets are also suitable for people with allergies to milk or eggs, and some restaurants include gluten- and sugar-free sweet dishes in their menu. So it is not difficult to treat yourself to a treat these days, both for a die-hard foodie and for a lover of healthier desserts.

Cakes, pastries, glazed doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes - the choice is huge, so we have selected and listed our campaign members from which you can choose desserts that suit your cravings.

10 Bridges

In the heart of Klaipėda's old town lies the chia seed puddings and healthier desserts of Gērybės, which have won the hearts of many.

I'm working in the bakery

Chia pudding with fruits and berries and granola with yogurt will ensure a good start to the day. Grab a cinnamon bun, vegan cupcake or crunchy cookie with your coffee!

Chaika (in Vilnius and Kaunas)

Nut cream brownies and various pieces of cake, from light poppy seed to hearty nutty tofu with biscuits. Čia galite to choose and order desserts for your celebrations. 

Coffee spells

Usually, but not uncommonly, Goodness desserts are made from natural, healthier ingredients.


Serves mini desserts of one or more bites with almonds or dates, and has prepared desserts without gluten and sugar. Čia galite to choose and order desserts for your celebrations. 

Holy Donut (in Vilnius and Kaunas)

Satisfying and heart-warming donuts in various flavors - with raspberries, chocolate, cinnamon and apples.


Goodness desserts - bars with pistachios and dates and a sloth are perfect for quality Italian coffee.

La Donuteria

Handmade donuts with strawberry and raspberry glaze meet in a vintage Provence setting.

Liu patty

Liu patty's dessert shop awaits you with its aesthetically surprising fluffy cream cupcakes, seasoned with seasonal berries and other plant-based desserts.

Motiko (in Vilnius and Palanga) 

The kingdom of Mochi desserts representing Japanese traditions.

Petra Bakery and Falafel

For those who want to travel, without leaving the borders of Lithuania - delicious vegetable baklava.

Valerian tea house

Cakes are made from natural ingredients and without added sugar, which you can also order for your celebrations.